Why is Wooden Crating Important in Shipping?


Wooden crates are boxes made up of plywood and are completely closed as well as possess complete resistance. The main quality that these boxes hold is to prevent damage during the transportation planning by the packers and movers. Below mentioned are the points that describe the importance of these wooden crating commonly used by the local residential relocation agencies for house shifting and various other purposes

Rates are very affordable-

Wood can be easily available as any other material these days. It is incredible how cheap the words are while Turing into crates and requires less process for such dependable materials. Keeping aside the cheap rates of manufacturing, they are way too cost-efficient for shipping the products as compared to plastics and wood. They are eco-friendly and reusable which reduces the total cost even more. Shiply is one of the leading companies in eco-friendly shipping.

Eco friendly for use-

They have the recycling ability and they can be repurposed as well. If you are house shifting, you can use these wooden crates which are available in different sizes can be used to put your belongings safely and securely. You can use small sizes of these crates to put your plants for shifting purposes as they support ventilation and packing up furniture for relocation by the packers and movers.

If the wooded crating gets destroyed or repurposed then they turn into compost, animal bedding which prevents the filling up of landfills and takes quite a lot of years to decompose. It is vey essential to use products that are ecofriendly for environment by local packers and movers and by relocating agents

They can be reused-

These wooden crates are built-in suitable for more than one-time use. These crates are designed for long term usage and if any part is damaged or broken it can be easily repaired and can be replaced by a new part. They can be rebuilt and can be easy transportation. They are commonly used by the local packers and movers, so they can be manufactured and repaired locally.

Wooden Crating are strong, sturdy and durable-

The Wooden Crating is used as they consist of self-supporting structures that make the box strong and durable for shipping purposes. This structure makes it much better than plastic crates or any other basic wooden boxes. Wodden boxes are essential when you move fragile items, especially when you move interstate like – Karnataka (Bangalore) to Ernakulam (Kerala) relocations..  They can withstand any vertical pressure and since the crates are made up of woods they can be easily stacked together. If we compare it with regular plastic crates, they are very susceptible to rough handling and the simple woods would not be able to provide the needed support.  They are resistant to different weather conditions and sea waters. Mr. Sreekanth of Pro Cochin House Shifting and Moving packers said that we use wooden boxes in relocation wherever required. He also added that we have different types of customizable boxes for various purposes.


They can be easily customized-

They provide various sizes for shipping of goods and they can fit all the fragile items for transportation purposes by local packers and movers. If you tell your relocating agents about your belongings, they will help you with the required size of crates and help you with the shifting. They can also be manufactured quite easily and efficiently by customers required design.

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