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Why Use Reclaimed Hardwood for Kitchen Flooring?


When it comes to flooring your kitchen, hardwood flooring is one of the most traditional options still popular today. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is gaining more popularity because of the recent boom in green building and renovation. You can enjoy the hardwood flooring reclaimed Boston and other cities in Massachusetts offers if you know how to go about it.

This article provides information about reclaimed hardwood, why they are a great choice, and how to make the best of reclaimed hardwood flooring.

What is reclaimed hardwood?

Reclaimed hardwood is a hardwood that has a past life history. Most times, these hardwoods have been used for something different before, like walls, crates, and so on. Using them for flooring is a kind of recycling. However, this does not mean that these woods are inferior to new ones. If you use one of the expert kitchen flooring services in Massachusetts is reputable for, your kitchen will look new and shiny.

Advantages of using reclaimed hardwood for kitchen floor

People choose to floor their homes with reclaimed hardwood for some reasons, including:

1. Environmentally friendly

Reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly because it prevents harvesting new lumber resulting in deforestation. Reused hardwood helps prevent the environmental hazard associated with harvesting and installing new woods or other types of floors.

2. Durability

Reclaimed hardwood is more durable than new woods because it is usually from old woods. Most new woods are from young forests. If you use one of the hardwood flooring services Massachusetts is known for, you will get more years from your reclaim hardwood floor.

3. Ensure sustainability

With more emphasis on sustainability recently, some designers go for reclaimed woods. So, getting a kitchen Flooring service Massachusetts offers puts you in the latest designers’ league.

4. Aesthetic appeal

Beauty is always an advantage of hardwood. Most reclaimed hardwoods feature unique designs you will not find in new woods. There are many designs to choose from to update your floor and revamp its aesthetic appeal easily.

5. Unique and interesting

The story behind the source of your hardwood flooring reclaimed Boston makes it more interesting and unique. You might have got them from pallets, crates, old buildings, and so on.

How to get the best from reclaimed hardwood

Opting for hardwood flooring reclaimed Boston is never a wrong move. However, you can only make the best of reclaimed hardwood if you take note of some essential aspects. Here are some tips to consider when using recycled wood:

Get a professional

You will get more from your reclaimed hardwood if a professional handles the flooring. The kind of kitchen Flooring service Massachusetts offers ensures quality and durability.

Ensure it is genuinely reclaimed

Some sellers claim to sell reclaimed lumber, but they do not. If you consult a reputable hardwood flooring reclaimed Boston service provider, they will advise you on how to get reclaimed lumber.

Work with your budget

Reclaimed hardwood is more expensive than virgin hardwood because it undergoes a process. However, if you patronize one of the hardwood flooring services Massachusetts offers, you can get quality flooring within your budget.

Ensure the lumber is free from pests and toxins

Depending on the hardwood’s history, it may need treatment from toxins. Professional hardwood flooring services Massachusetts will ensure the wood is in good condition before they floor your kitchen with it.

Ensure the wood is safe to use

Depending on the wood’s past life, it might have nails or rough edges that can harm you. If you are not using a professional kitchen Flooring service in Massachusetts, you have to handle the wood with gloves and ensure it is smooth and safe before you start working.

Reclaimed hardwood is one of the best flooring options for your kitchen and other parts of your home. If you are in Boston or any other city within Massachusetts, you can take advantage of the hardwood flooring services Massachusetts boasts of and make your floor with reclaimed hardwood.

While reclaimed woods are usually durable, attractive, and have exciting history to them, you can only get the best from your flooring if you treat the hardwood of pests and toxins. If you are going the DIY way, ensure to employ a professional.

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