Why You Need a Massage


A massage is a practice of rubbing or kneading the body to improve well-being. The application of pressure on the joints and muscles of the body causes relief. A good massage is capable of relieving stress and making one feel energised. Some people are of the opinion that a massage is a luxury that only the upper class of society indulges in and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Here are several reasons why you should consider a massage.

1. Stress

At one point in everyone’s lives, we go through events that bring stress to our bodies like when preparing for exams, stress from our jobs or even family. Stress is the common factor that unites the human race. A good massage can help to relieve stress. It’s been proven that massages can significantly lower one’s blood pressure and reduce the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol in the body.

2. Headaches

Headaches have a wide range of causes but did you know that one of the causes of headaches could be tension in the muscles in the upper back, shoulder and neck? Tension in the trapezoid muscle and  the neck are could restrict blood flow to the brain and can trigger headaches. A massage can help relieve some of this tension and can help reduce the intensity of headaches. Pain relief massage therapists in Cypress, Texas can help with this.

3. Overall Pain

Massages can double as a painkiller. Neuroscientists have found that massages employing the use of bare hands activate the same area of the brain that is activated by opioid painkillers. So, in case of general body pain, you can opt to get a massage. You can get a massage from a pain relief massage therapist in Cypress, Texas.

4. Sedentary Lifestyles

People whose jobs do not involve heavy physical labour often have the wrong notion that they do not need massages. Working a job that requires you to sit at a desk clicking away at the keyboard or working from home can have you sitting in the same position for a long period. This can cause tension to build up in the body. A massage can take some of that tension away leaving one feeling better and more energised. You could employ the use of Houston mobile massage in Texas.

Summarily, a massage isn’t a luxury to only be enjoyed by a select few. It helps improve overall health and should be incorporated into one’s lifestyle. Whether one makes use of Houston  mobile massage in Texas or one just asks a partner or friend to help press on those tight knots, massages can prove a great deal of help.

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