Why You Need Documentary Film Grants For Your Filmmaking


Some people believe that every investment is a risky deal, but you cannot deny that every venture involves certain privileges and profit expectations. If you are looking towards the idea of making a film, you may want to consider the idea of film funding instead of working with a studio. Once you have decided to know more about how to fund your documentary, you will be enjoying a few more advantages.

Below are some of the benefits of funding your filmmaking goal rather than choosing to turn to a studio.

What Are Film Grants?

We are in an era where research is important to apply for film funding. Whether you are going for a short film or documentary grant, you will want to know what you are applying for. Besides, there are just little differences between film grants and filmmaking labs.

Some of these differences have a greater role in affecting how or when you can use the funds. You should know the key differences and how to use them to your advantage. Moreso, you have an advantage of being able to invest a relatively small amount of money in any stage of film production and with a long-lasting profit at the end of the journey.

Film grants are also known as unrestricted funds and services that can be used for the development, production, or distribution of your project. They do not have to be repaid because the awarding entity usually wants status updates or recognition in the film’s credits. As a filmmaker, film grants give you the most freedom.

It, therefore, opens you up to know that you also need to take your time when researching multiple projects to choose the right source of grant. You will receive a good financial return in a reasonable matter of time. Below, we will be looking at other major advantages of getting grants for documentary filmmakers.

Advantages of Documentary Film Grants For Filmmakers

Without wasting much time, here are some of the benefits of going for film grants to achieve your filmmaking goals.

#1. Free Publicity

Short films are a dime a dozen throughout the world. Any film festival director and judges panel will tell you that the indie field of content is very dense and unending. It can be difficult to find worthy projects to consider for submission into film festivals.

Distributors are usually tasked with finding credible films to acquire and distribute for the many content platforms. If you and your film have any publicity, it’s that much easier to succeed in your filmmaking endeavors. Being awarded documentary film grants means that you and your film will be mentioned in trade articles, press announcements, website articles, email chains, and many others.

#2. Industry Connections

Every film festival director, judge panel member, and festival sponsor form a deep connection and a better platform you can utilize for your current and future film projects. When you apply to future festival submissions, that film grant stamp, and the festival success that it may have led to, is another green flag that can help you in your filmmaking ventures.

Connections are everything in the film and television industry. Film grants are attainable opportunities that help filmmakers fund their films and build publicity, credibility, and industry connections necessary to the success of all filmmakers.

#3. Credibility

Most film festivals use interns, submission applications, submission readers, festival directors, and judge panels to gain entrance into better and worthy positions. With a film grant, you can be certain that you and your film project will be properly checked.. A stamp of approval is what you need to ascertain what is invaluable to you and your project.

Most film grants can:

  • Help you make the right choice on whether you should accept your submission or not.
  • Be used as free publicity and validation for any additional funding you may need.
  • Get more distributors to choose your project amidst many others in contention.


There are so many other major reasons you need to use documentary film grants rather than going to a studio for assistance. Most professionals believe that these film grants are a better and secure area of investment, compared to other options. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you may want to look into that before making the next move on your next big film project!

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