Why you need Social Media Audit for your Online Business: NetbaseQuid

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Why you need Social Media Audit for your Online Business: NetbaseQuid

Any digital business should use a Social media audit at least once a year. It helps you to evaluate your business strategies and enhance your social media profile to ensure you remain relevant in your business. Performing the audit enables you to find out about the interrelation between the internet audience and the brands. For instance, you may find out Instagram brings new clients to the business and Facebook retains the old clients.

What is social media audit its importance?

It‘s conducted to review social media profiles and identify significant gaps that need to be addressed. It involves looking closely at things such as financial investments, activities, and audiences. The best tools used to analyze the effort of social media to bring you quality results includes unmetric, curalate, and kompyte. Using the audit consistently enables you to know what is working and what is not. In case you are impressed with the business progress, you can continue using the tool. If not, there are different audit tools you can use to get better results. 

These are the reasons why every company should use social media audits

1. To re-evaluate the relevance of social media marketing to your brand goals

An audit helps your company re-evaluate the relevance of social media marketing to your brand goals and objectives. It will show the performance of the business, needed priorities, team performance, and how to use social media effectively. This analysis saves time, energy, and money. It also helps to make an informed brand decision concerning future campaigns.

2. Assess the consistency of social media profiles

An audit enables you to track the data in all the media accounts. An audit assesses the consistency of various social profiles you own. The profile of all your social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest needs to relate; to avoid confusing your audience about your brand. It is essential to update your biography consistently, profile images, and headers.

3. To learn more about your competitors

Using social media auditing lets you know why your audience chose you and not your competitors. It also shows the strength and weaknesses of your competitors. It reveals the areas you should focus on to attract more consumers.

What is the cost of a social media audit, and how long does it take?

You don’t have to worry about the cost; it caters to everyone. Although it is recommended to have a professional run the audit, you may DIY it with few resources if you are on a tight budget. The price depends on the number of platforms to be audited and the size of the account you’re auditing. The price of an audit ranges between $300 -$5000.

It is possible to complete an audit in 30 minutes. It does not have to be too long or tiring. With enough practice, you can master how to run every audit. This gives you a reason to carry out auditing after a few months because social media is constantly evolving. While auditing, it is important to look for referral traffic, publishing metrics, and engagement metrics.

Contribution of NetbaseQuid on social media audit

NetbaseQuid is a top-rated company offering consumers a market intelligence platform that connects businesses with the right consumers and reveals trends in the industry. NetbaseQuid helps in auditing the customer’s reviews, product reviews, forums, and social media posts. It also analyses the behavior of your online audience. Through these audits, the business can fix minor issues to align with the business goals.


Although the auditing process may seem difficult, it is worth investing in. It is profitable for your business and saves time.

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