You know your product better than everyone

know your product better
know your product better

Irrespective of where you live, you are going to collect both positive and negative experiences related to the location. Eventually, though, you get to even know every restaurant, picturesque point, store, and event that of hidden place.

The same remains true for your product. It does not really matter in case you are an engineer, a product manager, that of a customer success manager, or even a us designer. Either you begun developing your solution from the very start or you spent so much time tackling with it that you know every all the flukes and features and you can simply link up each and every single one of them to a clear benefit.

It is the reason why it is you who has to take the proper user by the hand to show them around. You actually understand and know where they have to begin, what they need to do next, what main features they absolutely have to check out to immediately attain great results and fall in love with your overall solution! The point is you cannot leave your user alone as they would never see your product from that of the same perspective you actually do.

Certainly, you can welcome your users with written instructions, or video tutorials. But such a thing would simply delay the interaction with your overall product. Moreover, this way, you are not going to be actually guiding them by the hand while they learn your solution. By offering a proper product tour you can offer a checklist of important events that require to occur in the best possible order, and you require to be with them across the entire discovery journey. After all, you want that your users have a proper understanding of your products, right?

Mistakes you should avoid

There are many mistakes that people make when they plan a product tour. If you too are curious to know about such mistakes then keep on reading.

Failure to segment overall users

In case your product does various things that are relevant to diverse audience segments, excessively general interactive product tours can hurt adoption. You require to capture user attention quickly and use product tours that are actually relevant to them.

One efficient technique you can apply is to give your users an overall option about what they really require your product for. This will slice them into segments. From here, you can make use of interactive product tours that are relevant to their use and not excessively general.

Optimizing for one user

In case your product is focused on connecting organizations or that of a large number of users, some element of connectivity must actually be built into the product walkthrough. It might be achieved with invites or even that of an opt-in message that sends signals to their contacts with a link to the specific product.

Lacking a holistic vision

There is an ancient cliche of many cooks spoil the broth.  Such a thing can be reality with interactive product tours. In case different elements within your product demand highlighting to enhance digital adoption, they shall often be designed by diverse types of teams. Now, in case each team does their own portion of the product tour, it may make for incoherent messaging, overlapping information, or even that of missing data. Preferably, the product manager must actually take responsibility for designing product tours. They understand the user, and even it will be more probable to make more sense.

Keeping time-based reminders

In case you have a product tour for feature adoption or that of an entirely new product, it would be somewhat wise to use an onboarding messaging campaign. These campaigns can actually contact users to prod them to try particular type of features or re-engage them. However, time isn’t always the finest way to judge this. In case your onboarding messaging campaign activates emails based on days, it lacks the vitality to be truly helpful. It must be concentrated on engagement or usage.


To sum up, since you know much about product tours and the mistakes you must avoid you can surely make the most of product tours. After all, these tours are going to be really productive for your overall business.