Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a type of neurodevelopmental disorder. The disorder has been diagnosed on over 3.3 million individuals between the age of 12 to 17. The symptoms of ADHD in teens are a lot similar to ADHD in children. In teens, when the hormonal changes occur, the ADHD might be a lot severe because of the increase in school homework and extracurricular activity. For such reasons, it’s much better to opt for the best online doctor consultation in India to receive accurate information on this condition and act accordingly. 

What Are The Symptoms Of ADHD?

ADHD in teens carries several symptoms, and here are several ways through which you can encounter them. Look below!

  1. Lack Of Absorption: Teens suffering from Hyperactivity Disorder will find it difficult to focus on a task. They will begin a particular project only to start a different one right before finishing the previous one. They can get easily distracted, which gives birth to silly errors, mistakes at home, work, and even at school. 
  2. Disorganization: There are people who, on certain occasions, misplace the house keys and various other things. But this is a regular occurrence among teens who have ADHD. They also spent plenty of time looking for their possessions, and time mismanagement leads to missing out on deadlines and appointments. 
  3. Fidgeting: Restlessness is pretty common in teens with ADHD. Teens who suffer from this condition will find it rather challenging to stay still in one place and will surely get up or squirm. 
  4. Self-Focused Behavior: Individuals who have ADHD will find it pretty difficult to recognize the needs and wants of others. They will have a hard time waiting for other people or taking turns. 

You must immediately contact the best neurologist in Delhi to receive proper treatment or medication for your child when you notice such symptoms in them. Taking quick action will help in lessening this condition. 

Why Is It Necessary To Opt For The Best Online Doctor Consultation In India For ADHD? 

Taking up the best online doctor consultation in India for ADHD will surely help you receive the right treatment. They will provide your child with prescribed medicine and also offer counseling services or therapy. On certain occasions, the doctors will also provide some background information about the condition, which will help in educating the parents. They will also suggest the best treatment or medication that reduces ADHD in teens once and for all. 

Treatments Recommended For ADHD By The Best Neurologist In Delhi

Experts say that about 15% of the teens with ADHD still carry its symptom till the age of 25, and around 65% still have these symptoms that affect their regular lives. According to the best neurologist in Delhi, here are some ways the condition can be treated. Take a look!

  1. Medication: 70% of the teens have responded positively towards stimulated medicine, such as Methylphenidate [Focalin, Ritalin], Dextroamphetamine-Amphetamine [Mydayis, Adderall XR]. Other medications are Dextroamphetamine [Dexedrine] and Lisdexamfetamine [Vyvanse]. 
  2. Behavioral Therapy: Through behavioral therapy, parents and teens can learn how to manage their emotions and navigate through the ADHD realm. This will include training, such as social skills, organizational skills, and problem-solving. 
  3. Lifestyle And Diet Changes: According to recent studies, it has come to light that teens who have ADHD will do extremely well when they make several lifestyle choices. These choices are a balanced diet rich with lean protein, whole grain, vegetables, and fruits, daily workout, receiving adequate sleep, and limiting screen time right before bed.

How To Help A Teen With ADHD?

All teenagers want independence, but they still do need a lot of guidance and support. Here are many ways through which you can help teens with ADHD cope. Take a look!

  • Severe reminders are not helpful, so try to be a bit patient with their struggles. 
  • Take the help of a calendar to organize their schedule. 
  • Help them out by organizing their space, which includes a backpack, space, and rooms. 
  • Try to be a little specific when giving out instructions to them. Please provide them with direction one at a time. 
  • Encourage conversation about drug use, sexuality, and relationships. 

The Bottom Line

There are many teenagers out there who suffer from this Hyperactivity disorder known as ADHD. For such reasons, it’s highly essential to address this particular disorder before it becomes a lot more serious. 

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